Anti-Fall Tatami Mats for Children - Dalonas™

Anti-Fall Tatami Mats for Children - Dalonas™

Anti-Fall Tatami Mats for Children - Dalonas™

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His safety is important when he is having fun!

How many times have you had your child want to play at home but you're busy with other tasks and don't have time to watch them, you're afraid they'll break something, get dirty or worse... hurt themselves!

From now on, these problems will be a thing of the past thanks to the Dalonas™ tatami play mat!


Much better than conventional carpets !

It is a mat made of orthopaedic material and memory foam that cushions even the most dangerous falls. With a thickness of 50 mm, it is perfect for any floor activity.

It turns any space into a soft, comfortable and welcoming area, perfect for playing or just sitting in a hygienic way.



Ideal for home and play environments!

Thanks to its ergonomic structure and modern design, the tatami mat is ideal for use at home, in the living room or bedroom.

It is flexible and easy to fold up in less than 2 minutes, allowing you to store it easily in a cupboard or simply in a wardrobe.

Ready to play safely? Think tatami mat!



Super soft 😍
Perfect for children and adults, very soft to the touch and resistant to all kinds of falls.

Ultra light 👌
So light and portable, it can easily be moved from one room to another.

Extremely easy to wash 💦
Simply wipe or vacuum up food and crumbs. Even most stains and spills are easily removed! Otherwise, it is easily machine washable.

With non-slip base 👶
Thanks to its non-slip base, it remains firmly attached to any surface.

Dampens noise and shocks 👊
Its thickness of more than 50 mm and the insulating padding cushions falls and reduces noise and sound.



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