5-in-1 Soothing Room Lamp - Dalonas™

5-in-1 Soothing Room Lamp - Dalonas™

5-in-1 Soothing Room Lamp - Dalonas™

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A unique & soothing all-in-one console for your home

Our lamp was created to make your home a haven of peace and quiet, with calming and therapeutic effects for sleeping, studying, meditating or resting.


Heals the mind

Light and colour are essential elements of our lives.

Lights create positive energies or reduce feelings of restlessness.



Mood Lighting During Your Favourite Songs

A high-quality built-in Bluetooth speaker that moves to the beat of your favourite songs with light effects that sync perfectly with your music. 



Sleep Better

It helps you rest better with convenient sleep features that soothe the body and mind


Wireless Charge For Your Phone

It keeps your phone charged and ready for the day with a built-in 15W wireless charging station and a 5W USB Type-C output for other mobile devices. 


Unique Design

The G-shaped design perfectly complements the colourful lighting effects and is sure to attract attention with its hypnotic beauty.

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